Design and Build

ZIN- Consultants’s Design/Build projects deliver a total design and construction solution. Leveraging in-house experience and expertise, Link is able to focus on the client’s operational, environmental and functional requirements to drive all design control, engineering, estimating, value-engineering, risk management, scheduling and construction. Additionally, stakeholders are brought together in a strategic framework that ensures successful execution of the project in an open and collaborative manner. At the same time, the full risk of project delivery is transferred to ZIN as the Design/Build contractor. ZIN’s superior Design/Build services ensures: faster completion, assured quality, guaranteed costs, single point accountability, integrated planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting..

*Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling has allowed ZINConsultants’ team to visualize the design intent and to interpret two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional environments, increasing productivity in the coordination process. Through online meetings, ZIN has been able to work hand in hand with its local subcontractors, vendor and out of state designers through virtual walkthroughs of facilities — identifying and making immediate decisions on conflicts that would have affected reworking a project schedule and/or lead time of fabrication.

Our People

Our People

ZIN- Consultants’ professionals reside and work locally throughout Punjab. ZIN’s staff is dedicated to help our clients transform their ideas into reality. ZIN assigns each project with committed personnel, equipped with the expertise and know-how to get the job done right. ZIN continuously trains their employees both in the field and in the classroom, ensuring the team’s management and technical skills are current and second to none.



ZIN- Consultants has deep roots in Punjab and recognizes its responsibility as a corporate citizen. ZIN believes that working with colleagues and neighbors to support organizations that make a difference in the community is a worthwhile pursuit and is an integral part of doing business. We also continually support and encourage our employees to participate in activities that enhance the environment and our surrounding communities.