Marketing And Branding

ZIN – Consultants as Brand Management – Marketing Consulting, Web and Graphics Design

Do you want your marketing to make a difference – to communicate to past, current and future clients, to close the sale, to reach your targeted audience quickly, effectively and efficiently.

ZIN-Consultants will assist you in reaching your company goals through:

  • Planning strategic Marketing
  • Creating Communications Graphics and Programs
  • Developing an effective Web Presence

Perhaps you’re in need of a simple or complex flyer for a coming event. Or you’re a winery or a brewery looking for a new label. We can create and execute an updated look or a fresh new design to the final printed product. Just starting a new business or re-branding a current one? Let’s talk about the psychology of color and font and its role in communicating to your potential customer. From planning through execution, let Sutton ZIN- Consultants develop marketing for you that delivers results. Not sure where to start? Our no nonsense pricing structure is a great way to propel yourself into web and social media marketing without breaking the bank.

*Graphic Design

An effective graphic catches the eye – combining line, form, text, and color to form an intriguing, attractive, and distinguishable whole. When customers first view your marketing material – from your logo to your online presence – the images and designs need to do more than capture their attention: the images need to engage the viewers and compel them to want more information.

ZIN- Consultants’ graphic design team develop visuals that have impact. Our graphics ensure that you get noticed and get results. Commercial designs, illustrations, photography – whatever the medium, our graphics specialists at ZINConsultants will develop a marketing tool for you that delivers results.

what we offer?

  • Visual identity: logos, letterhead, business cards
  • Marketing materials: brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, Flex Printing
  • Catalogs
  • Product packaging
  • Product packaging
  • Giveaways
  • Presentations
  • Illustrations

Digital Marketing

Social Media and social networking are terms used to describe the extensive world of web-related interconnection, and should not be taken for granted. In just one year, the social networking site Facebook has increased its traffic 5-fold to the tune of over 350 million users. While many still receive information from sources such as books, newspapers, radio, or television, social networking has opened up a new avenue of information sharing – a form of two way communication that changes the ways we do business.

ZIN- Consultants is experienced at skillfully incorporating social networking into marketing plans to achieve real results. Our process begins with learning about you currently have and the audience you want to target. We then develop a plan to engage your targeted audience using communication skills combined with available social media tools, including video e.g., YouTube, blogging, micro-blogging (using tools like Facebook and Twitter), audio (Pod-casts) or photo sharing. The assimilation of these inter-connective features into your website allows you to supplement the information you are presenting on your site with timely, relevant information as you upload your own blogs, newsletters, photos, or videos.

We can show you how to utilize pre-existing forms of social media for marketing and advertising through brand or identity promotion. As your message spreads across the internet, your audience gains the potential to increase exponentially, and your website is exposed to a higher rate of traffic which help increase conversions. Your website will become an advertising powerhouse. As your site gains viewers, your company gains customers. ZIN- Consultants’ services in social media training and implementation will help get your website noticed, and ensure that you get results.

We help entrepreneurs transform their passions into unique brands that attract and sell through
branding + design

Our Skills

Photoshop 95%
Illustrator 93%
Graphics Designing 92%
Illustrations 78%
CSS 75%
Logo Animation 71%